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Tuesday, 28-Oct-2008 02:57 Email | Share | | Bookmark
PhotoShoot Kenarianz

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7 JUN 2008

Satu sesi tangkap gambar (Photo Shoot) bersama ahli kelab Kenarianz telah berlangsung dengan jayanya seawal jam 9.00 pagi di mana kesemua ahli yang mengambil bahagian mula berkumpul di perkarangan dataran tersebut. Lebih kurang pukul 10.30 pagi, kereta Kenari mula membanjiri dataran dengan pelbagai rekabentuk dan modifikasi....ada yg standard, Peanut, Casual, Aerodown, Heartvillage dan ada juga yg Custom. …Unit Trafik & Komunikasi Kenarianz telah mula menjalankan tugas mereka dengan bantuan semua ahli menyusun kereta masing-masing mengikut susunan yg telah di rancang berhadapan bangunan Pejabat Perdana Menteri.

Sessi photoshoot kali ini agak istimewa sbb nyer Abg Ibrahim (majalah K-Kompak) telah turut sama turun padang utk menjalankan tugas-tugas sebagai photographer. Photoshoot kali ini sebenarnya bertujuan sebagai write up untuk majalah K-Kompak bagi mempromosikan kembali kelab KENARIANZ, yg telah mengalami sedikit perubahan. Kelab KENARIANZ, yg dahulunya bertapak di laman web, telah kini berubah dan beralih arah dengan menggunakan alamat baru iaitu

p/s: Photoshoot & story pasal Kenarianz ni telah pun berada dlm keluaran majalah k-kompak isu No.43.

Friday, 10-Oct-2008 05:10 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Langkawi trip - Last Day (Finale)


Location Pixs : Pantai Chenang, Langkawi

Thursday, 9-Oct-2008 09:11 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Langkawi trip - Day 3 (continued...)

Location pixs : Tanjung Rhu, Langkawi

"What you shouldn't do, is leave Tanjung Rhu before sunset because the sunset vista here is simply spectacular. Tanjung Rhu is one of Langkawi's best beaches." - Pyan

Tuesday, 22-Jul-2008 07:33 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Langkawi trip - Day 3

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FRIDAY - 27 JUNE 2008

On third day morning, after woke up around 7.20am and had our breakfast at a lobby, we were just getting ready for the island hopping trip. We headed to Under Water World at Pantai Chenang for a meet up point. Around 8:45am, the agent came and picked us up and headed to the island hopping departure point.

The boat is very powerful and within minutes, I can see some of the passengers start to feel uneasy. Muahhahhha…. It was fun to ride a fast boat. You can feel that you are going to fly away if the boat hit some waves.

After a while, the guide stopped his boat in the middle of the sea and asked us to check out the mountains on the left. FUHHHH….. this is the reason la why the island is called ‘Pulau Dayang Bunting’ or ‘Pregnant Maiden Island’. Don’t believe me? See the photo below for yourself.

If you look carefully in the middle, you can make out the shape of a lady lying on her back with her head on the right, then her bosom and finally her pregnant stomach. Oooo… very interesting instead. I actually feel very ‘accomplished’ to able to get shot of this right on the rocky boat. Woahaha…

After that, the boat moved again and we finally reach Tasik Dayang Bunting.
Walking along the monkey-infested path, we had to do some climbing and hiking, until we finally reach the Tasik Dayang Bunting.

There are several activities that one can do here: boat paddling, canoeing, swimming and also feeding catfishes in the lake. (Yeah you swim with the catfish…hehehe)
We rented one solar-powered paddle boat for RM20/half an hour. For the non-solar powered types, you paddle until running out of breath while the boat will just move a bit. Hahhaha…

Now, what’s so special about miracle point? It is actually a small part of land separating the lake water, and the sea water by just 30 meters. I guess normally, the lake water would be a little salty since so near to the sea, but this one maintains its plain water-ness. Fuhhh…kebesaraan Allah!!

According to legend la, last time there is a fairy princess who came down and married a Mamat. Then they got a child…very happy. But, shortly after that, the poor child pun mati. Aiyooo… the fairy was so sad she buried her dead child to the bottom of the lake. And before she left Mamat and go back to the sky, she bless the lake water, so that whoever bathe in the lake, will get pregnant.

So after 1 hour, we headed back to the jetty, for our 2nd destination of the island hopping trip: Eagle Feeding. Yeargghhh..!!

Finally we reached the area where the eagle feeding happens. Never in my life got an opportunity to see so many eagles flying around so near to me.
The boat driver went to the back of the boat and emptied a pail of chicken skin/meat/intestines into the sea water. The eagles see … then WAAARGHH… damn shiok wooo.. no need to go hunting anymore. Got people to feed…

Needless to say, whipped out the lens and starting shooting them during their ‘attack’ on
the food.
Very cool!!
I was so engrossed in shooting photos of the eagles feeding I didn’t realize that I was blocking other passengers in the boat. Hahahha….

After a while, the boat driver started the engine again and we headed to our final destination of the island hopping trip: Pulau Beras Basah which literally means ‘Wet Rice Island’.

To me this island is the best la. It is so beautiful. The sea water is so clear and nice. And the sand.... macam bedak jer. We are allowed 45 minutes there to basically play in the water. I took many shots…

Soon, the duration is almost up. We left the island very reluctantly. I wish to come back again with my kids in the far future…

Bye bye Pulau Beras Basah….

TO BE CONTINUED.... (citer x siap lagi daa...)

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Langkawi trip - Day 2

betul ker nie..??
really fascinating.
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Today, our agenda is to visit Mahsuri’s Mausoleum. The entrance is RM5 for adults and we get to learn about the legend of Mahsuri and her fitnah. And what happened to Langkawi after she was killed until the recent discovery of her 7th descendant in Thailand.

Within the compound is also Mahsuri's well, the waters of which are believed to have healing properties.
Basically, everything you want to know about her is there laaa.

Before we proceed to cable car, we drop by at Telaga Harbour Park and Perdana Quay (pronounced as Ki). It is a perfect Marina for a yacht home base. It’s sunyi sepi when we reach this harbour. I love off peak season.

Then, we went to ride a cable car at Gunung Machincang which is located inside Oriental Village Langkawi. Before we went up the hill with cable car, managed to get a photo with this funny guy. “KL ke atau kat Langkawi nie..??

Yaayyy…. I queue up quickly and got two tickets. It costs RM15 for adults. Soon, we were lining up to get into one of those cable cars. Yeah!!! Time to ride a cable car. Perghh, there was a lot of people went up already.

The first word from me, “Cemana la aku boleh terjebak ngan benda camnie...!!”. It is very high and scary too if you are a gayat person (afraid of high). When the cable car reached a certain height, you can actually see the ‘Telaga Tujuh’ (seven wells) waterfalls.

Legend has it that last time some kampung dude, got a chance to skodeng fairies bathing at the waterfalls. Fuyoooh….. I guess by now the fairies pun dah jadi nenek..kehekehh. The last thing I wanted to see is saggy fairies… hahahahhaha

Soon after that, we reached the mid-station and got off. BOY OH BOY! It was sure misty there and EXTREMELY cold too! There’s nothing much to see because of the cloudy and windy condition, so we continued up the 2nd part of the ride until we reached the top which is the highest peak of 710 metres above sea level..

Did I mention that it was FREEZING COLD up there? I was shivering!!!
Going down was as scary as going up. However, it was a really good experience to ride a cable car. Make sure you try it when you travel to Langkawi Island. It is a must visit place.

Soon, it was nearing 1pm. So I ran back to the dumbass SUKOM and headed back to Kuah town for lunch. What a surprise!!! The lunch treat at Medan Selera apa ntah…are not we expected for. The service is lousy and quite expensive. Arrghhh…damn!!! Sorry dude, we don’t want to come to that place anymore. Then, we proceed to HIG to buy things such as bag, Corningware and etc…

Back to our resort and taking a nap. Later, we headed out for dinner to…

The atmosphere of Jai Island Café is very nice. The waiters are very helpful and patient with us for taking so long to order. So here is what we ordered that day.

Anyhow, the food was quite good and delicious. The bill came to a little less than RM123 which is very cheap for 7 menus and we certainly enjoyed ourselves.
Back at the resort, we called to book the island hopping trip for RM40 / person. According to him, an agent will come and pick us up at 8:45am the next day.
After that, we ZzzzzzzzzZzzz….

(NEXT on Day III: Island Hopping!)

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